100 pounds is reality.

Hi. I'm fat. I was anorexic for two years. Bulimic for about two months. Now i'm a binge eater. I self harm frequently. I have depression, OCD, BPD, and anxiety. I have been hospitalized for anorexia. I hate myself for trying to recover. I need to loose weight again. I hate being so fat. I am pro ana, so if you have a problem with that please leave my blog. Thanks.

Binge Free days: 0
Cut free days: 0
Days restricting: 0

Height: 5'7
*Current weight: 135
*Goal weight: 115*
*Lowest weight: 104*
*Highest weight: 176*

Skinny Recipes

Message me for the recipes/food used in these pics. All under 250 calories**